Professional Chimney Services and Home Inspections

London Sweeps, Chimney Sweeps, LLC is a family run business.  We have been serving Richmond and the surrounding areas for over 40 years now.  We have built a reputation in the community for providing honest chimney evaluations and prompt, professional chimney cleanings and repairs.

We first started our business in 1978; there were only 3 chimney sweep businesses in the Richmond area.  Since then,  there are over 30 new companies that have emerged.  Choosing a professional chimney sweep seems easy, but finding an honest chimney professional is difficult.

"There is a “new wave” entering the chimney industry.  Chimney re-lining has become as common as having your chimney cleaned.  Many of these newer companies are in the business of doing just that.  They will advertise their Affiliations and Certifications, but what they don’t advertise is that they are geared toward the re-lining business.  Most of these big companies have employees that work on commissions.  The more they sell the more money they make."

If you’re seeking a chimney professional for repairs or cleaning, choose wisely.  Be alert for “The Alarmist” who claims that your chimney is a disaster, is unsafe to use and should be re-lined.  The only problem with getting a second opinion these days is that most of the companies that you call are also in the reline business. For many years now I have noticed a trend happening in the Chimney Industry that disturbs me. There are too many companies that are pushing for expensive chimney re-lining. Over 90% of the chimneys I re-inspect after these "alarmist" companies, do not require the chimney to be re-lined. So what can you do about it?

Trust London Sweeps, Chimney Sweeps, LLC the family owned business with over 40 years of honest and affordable service.

Services we offer:

Chimney cleaning

Chimney inspections- Visual and Camera

Professional Home Inspection Services

Gas logs

Masonry repair

Rain caps

Chimney Waterproofing

Animal/Bird removal


U.L. listed Stainless Steel liners

Smoking problems solved

Fireplace accessories- Spark screens and Glass doors, fireproof rugs, grates, tools, and much, much more!

“The only dirt we leave behind is the thumbprint on our card.”  
London Sweeps, Chimney Sweeps L.L.C

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