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London Sweeps, Chimney Sweeps is a Family run business since 1978.  My Father started sweeping in 1977 and formed the company a year later.  We are one of the first of just a few chimney sweep companies in Richmond that started in the late 70's.  We have over 40 years experience in cleaning and proper maintenance to keep your Chimneys safe.  We pride ourselves on honest, professional chimney services and also offer Qualified Home Inspections for the potential home buyer.  

"For many years now I have noticed a trend happening in the Chimney Industry that disturbs me. There are too many companies that are pushing for expensive chimney re-lining. Over 90% of the chimneys I re-inspect after these "alarmist" companies, do not require the chimney to be re-lined."
                                                                 Services we offer:

            * Chimney Inspections              * Chimney Cleaning         * Rain caps and Animal  Guards 
            Replacement Dampers           *  Masonry repair              *  Gas Logs & Gas Stoves
            * Crown repair                            * Waterproofing                 * Dryer Vent Cleaning 
            Gutter Cleaning                       *  Tuck-pointing                 *  Smoking problems solved

                                                      * Full line of Fireplace accessories *  
                          Over 12 years experience as a Residential Home Inspector
                          LONDON SWEEPS, CHIMNEY SWEEPS, LLC

                             Professional Chimney Cleaning and Repair Services.

     (804) 304-8911


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          "The only dirt we leave behind is the thumbprint on our card."

We do chimney cleaning the right way!   If you have a woodstove, we remove the woodstove so we can clean the areas that other Chimney Sweeps miss!
"We lay down drop cloths to protect the area around the fireplace and use a high powered vacuum to contain the dust and soot to the fireplace. We even remove the damper plate so we can clean the soot off the smoke shelf." 

".....we use patented Power Sweeping  to remove dangerous creosote that builds up in the smoke chamber.   London Sweeps makes sure your fireplace is safe, because our clients are very important to us.

CALL  804-304-8911 for a free quote today!

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 "We understand the relationship between Realtors and their respected clients through our many years in the industry.  Over 13 years in home inspection and building consultant services and more than 30 years experience in the Fireplace and Heating System venting industry has given us the knowledge to help your real estate transaction go smoothly.”   
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Don't let this happen to your home!
"Is your chimney sweep in and out in 20 minutes?" ( A professional sweep can take as much as an hour to properly clean your chimney.)

 Does he/she remove the damper plate?

 Do they even clean the smoke chamber?

Do they take the time to educate you on proper burning techniques?
"Bear" says.....  "Those bigger companies have employees that work for commissions and will try to sell you the moon if they could. Grrrrrrrrr."
London Sweeps Chimney Sweeps LLC BBB Business Review
"....So, I ask my customers, Do you want a chimney sweep with over 40 years experience in the industry or someone who has passed a 90 minute open book exam and a one hour exam based on Successful Chimney Sweeping?" 

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